Image by Ghanishtha Bhatti

What crosses your mind first?

A laser eyed, extended jawed and armadillo scaled beast who can lacerate you even from a couple of miles or did you envision those cute little almond eyed, parakeet coloured aliens with spring like antennas who crash lands in some nearby woods and pleads to be your boon companion.

Well, we have been exposed to a colossal amount of such descriptions with one basic common trait. They all are assumed to be technically advanced species than Homo sapiens. This makes us wonder why in cosmos we have not been yet contacted. There have been “hoaxes”, yes, like the crop circle or Vrillon’s voice but as I am in no way even close to verify them, let’s keep ‘em at bay.

The consternation has perpetually been about why they never communicate with us. May I ask, can they? It is a credible question indeed. For centuries we have waited as if they’ll blink a torch on and off to give away their position but pause, here we miss an overstatement. What if they are not advanced enough to even put hand on our Golden Record or the Arecibo radio signal? What if they are still struggling to believe that their system is heliocentric? What if they are mere Neanderthals in Kepler22b? Oh! Did I disappoint you? The mere solace I can give you is that they are shy and mulling over Trump’s reaction. Uh, now don’t be incredulous, my friend. You just have to wait a few more centuries for them to take a “giant leap for alienkind” and maybe till then you can think of a technology to use the sun as a signalling flashlight.

All I ask you as of now is to not try and contact them ‘cause I’m under lockdown and least of all, prepared to square up to them. And as the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for, you might receive it”, for who knows in what form or in with what end in view they visit us. Shhh…. you never know who’s eavesdropping, could even be Nazis from the Moon (wink).



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