Where are all the HUMANS ?

“If a government uses the instruments of power in its hands for the purpose of leading a people to ruin, then rebellion is not only the right but also the duty of every individual citizen….we must not forget that the highest aim of human existence is not the maintenance of a State or Government but rather the conservation of the race.” – Adolf Hitler

I am not writing this to convince anything to anyone for what good is convincing a mercenary to fight for his own country when he is dumb enough to be manipulated otherwise. What good is me proving to you why is it important to stand for the truth? Only the treacherous asks for proof the patriot fights.

Do you recall the story where two cats fight over a chapati and a monkey comes and has it all? You know who those cats were? Hindus!!!

Did your mothers take something when you were born? Are you even human beings? Cause you lack the primary trait to be called one-consciousness. What is all this row- government is doing that, its not doing this??

It seems the whole nation is blaming one single man for the lack of oxygen when it is the industries’ duty to provide the same and they are doing so but you are not ready to see the actual problem. Let me make it simple for your rotten brain – what do you think blaming the government will do ? Even if every single citizen of India or even the whole world starts blaming not an ounce of outcome will change but if you point out their real mistakes there is a chance that they may change their course of action. Not a single Indian pointed the biggest mistake this government did, that they did not ban the covid burial that has infected all the waters because your aim was never to improve the infrastructure but to malign the nation because the constitution matters more that the lives of people! And since we do not have a better choice of governance it only seems like Indians love to build their own pier.

Forget about Bjp tell me a single policy brought by any government that was not ridiculed by a single Indian. If you don’t have an answer then you know how mature you citizens are.

Who would believe that you are the same people who remained invincible for 12000 years and not a single marauder had the courage or capability to even look in the eyes of a Bhartiyan. No doubt they cook up stories like Aryan Invasion since Indians have thinned their blood with cowardice.

By the way I want to see what these half-baked will do after a year when they’ll work for the same companies that are struggling to provide oxygen. Will you still blame the government without getting yourself kicked out? Amongst all these the most shocking thing that happened was when a person sent me a link claiming how these tathakathit farmers were innocent and not blocking the highway. Even J.K.Rowling in her wildest imagination cannot think that a to be engineer in the age of satellite and internet, when everyone was watching live what these traitors were doing at the Delhi border, be convinced at such porky pie.

I was thinking this other day how come the muslims are so ignorant, their mothers were raped before they  got forcefully converted. They deliberately walked the path of adharma to save their lives. Not everyone could have challenged death, maybe that was the need of the hour but what are they afraid of now? What makes them follow their rapists, what fear withholds them? If every muslim tries to look for his great grandfather’ name it won’t be half a dozen generation(for most of them, unless you got converted at Ghazni’s time) when they’ll find a hindu name and I know a lot of you do know that for is it not the reason why you say “kagaz nahi dikhaenge” (will not show the papers) ‘cause it has hindu names. If not men at least I can expect from muslim women to understand the sacrifice and pain of your mothers when they got converted so what makes you stay? You like being the victim or are you brainwashed into thinking that rape is divine, well men will get virgins what will women get? Don’t you want to avenge? But then a bigger question arises, I’m getting a lot of marriage invitations these days which compelled to self introspect. Hindus still marry at night, like the conversion of muslims this deviation is understood too, that at that time we were afraid of Mughals hence, married off our daughters in the garb of the secrecy of night so that they were not napped by womanizers. But whom are we afraid of now? Why don’t we come back to our original tradition? Whatever the reason but if we cannot change merely a time of our tradition to expect muslims to leave a religion will be too much.

And who the hell gave you the right to question an Islamist’s loyalty when you yourself boast of coming from one of the useless cities of the world, raided down to rubble, and doesn’t even have the ruins of any temple. Had I been from Delhi I would have hid my identity like a Roma but I am fortunate and my karma gave me an honored birthplace. Ironically most of them are not even originally from Delhi but from states like UP or Bihar that has an unbroken history of imposing kings. Alas! Look at these brazens, coming from the land of Suheldev but avowing the land of rapists. But it is not about the place for it is as sacred as any other land of my country but it is about the attitude that makes them call Indraprastha as Delhi and also the attitude that falsely=proudly saying that you come from there when you don’t.

May be an image of 2 people

But my words are useless since you don’t have the cerebral wherewithal to comprehend it.

Bengalis suffered a similar kind of atrocity like the Kashmiri Pandits, only they were displaced, yet the difference between their outlooks of the enemies does not need my description. There we have the Pandits bravely recalling every single moment of the torture and are perpetually ready to fight armed till teeth, their fury flickering. Tired by the government’s inaction yet holding on to dharma and fighting and becoming the role model of every Indian but here we see cold blooded Bengalis who instead of reclaiming their honor has joined hands with their perpetrators. On several occasions their situation were worse than the Kashmiris (to be noted suffering cannot and should not be compared I’m just pointing the way they were ostracized) like when mother (sic) Teresa asked the victims to love their rapists and forbade them from aborting (the result – so many Anglo Indians). So what makes them turn a blind eye to such holocausts? Is it that getting raped is tolerable but getting displaced is not? They were the victims – they have the answers.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says "Netaji Subash Chandra Bose giving speech in jamshedpur"
Where is your pride, Bengalis ?

Wait a second, don’t go trolling them because you are no different, the napunsukness does not prevail in only one community but the point is that Kashmiris know who the culprits are, if we can’ recognize the enemy whatever happens/is happening is completely our fault.

You were not tolerated for nine months so that you may come out without grey cells. I bet you have one please use that, recognize your enemies. There is still time my countrymen, we can make it work!

PS: since many trust doctors with their health let me quote Loynd, a pharmacist from Park Davis- “If we put horse manure in a capsule, we could sell it to 95 percent of these doctors”.


4 thoughts on “Where are all the HUMANS ?

  1. Kumari Smiti, it was the most powerful brief I have ever read. More infuriating than Captain’s. To establish dharma we need to clean the system, and that can’t happen without a coup. I can’t expect it from the citizens of Bharata, as they are pussies and Government will not let that happen. But I swear to dig deep into the system and take away all the moths eating away the conscience of Bharat by any means. And trust me it will be sooner than expected.

    ” Let it be read by the deep state,
    Let it be read by the Government,
    But they won’t be able to stop me,
    As I am is determined to put an end to it ”

    Thanks a lot, for I was able to introspect and found that, I cannot expect it from anyone else except me.

    Jai Hind
    Jai Bharat

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      1. Hi Smiti, been quite long. Anyways how you’re doing. You don’t seem to be active on blogs as well as your Youtube channel. Is everything alright ?


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