Killing a President would have been much easier than putting on his EMU, but that was the reason why he was here struggling with his lower torso assembly. A couple of years ago India had suggested to pass a bill in UN for deploying criminals in any new and fatal space endeavor . Cosmonauts would be spared from dying in the unknown and criminals (already sentenced to death) would not be affected. He gripped the EVA hatch of Quest airlock and took a long breath. He had to replace the wheels of Tesla with beach wheels (to transform Tesla into a rover) and cover it with an airbag and then penetrate the Martian atmosphere . He had oxygen supply only for a fortnight(after entering Mars) during which he could produce as much oxygen as he could. If he succeeded more men will be sent by NASA for colonization , if he failed he would die. This all passed through his mind in fractions of a second and in another he was out of the airlock .A brilliant crimson against the black background , was a pity to leave Tesla Roadster exposed to cosmic radiations. Covering it with airbag all he had to do was to pull some levers and tap some buttons to get the car attached to his spaceship. This was just a warm up , the real feat was ahead – to be the first man on Mars.
60 YEARS LATER …………………
Life on the red planet’s surface was alive with storms. Dust clouds were rolling and high wind screaming across the surface , but the solar green houses were unstirred by these outside squall. These were the high-rise vertical infrastructures that concaved down while forming a closed semi-sphere. The green hue was due to the plants supported on solar panels divided in irregular quadrangles that composed the walls of the building . On closer inspection one could see that these were the
windows and through one of them a woman of about 50 was visible gazing at the dusk sky. She was gazing at Earth , which now looked more brown than blue . Remembering how her father had landed on Mars and had slowly built this city ,she missed her home, her father’s home to be more specific , though she had never visited it. This city still had to produce water from electrolysis , there was just enough oxygen for everyone . Don’t get deluded by those green house boundary , the storms frequently covered the glasses blocking light to the plants. Not all food crops could be grown on Martian lands , terraformation on this small scale had faced so much difficulty the whole Mars has yet to be colonized. “ I have tasted better days my son, better days on Earth “,her father used to say. She was the manager of this city , yet yearned to go to Earth . Life was still difficult here , strange thoughts trailed across her grey cells , “if only humans had not taken Earth for granted , if only they had given more heed to the population problem , if only my father was not sent here I would not have been MARS BORN” .


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