“We are here to wake up”

It was 1.38 a.m. on Saturday and calefaction of the surface was occurring at sky high speed, anon the thermometer would be reading around 260 degree F. Howbeit, these nimbus factors were in no way fortunate on the self poised, decelerating Vikram. 1.2 miles from the surface and like a bolt from the blue complete silence.   

Was it really a technical glitch or something more sinister? What do we even know about the dark side? Why the name ‘Dark Side’, only because we can’t see it or we can’t see who prehends it?Why would a par for the course and well going lander suddenly or more appropriate surprisingly loose contact? In lack of any technical possibilities our consciousness whispers that it could be a deliberate external attempt. Someone or something didn’t want us to be on their turf.

Nazis had mastered anti engineering technology that led them to build flying saucers, after all the founding father of rocket science was a member of Hitler’s Schutzstaffel. Mavens in building gravity control machines, there’s were the most sophisticated as well as the most confidential of a space program. NASA records authenticates the superiority of their rockets. It shouldn’t astound you that Hitler fled to moon and now they are living on the dark side. But if it does then I shall not presume your reaction to the knowledge that our moon clangs like a metal, a hollow metal or that the deep underground soils have come upon the surface.

 On this day 44 years ago when the soil brought from Luna24 was examined, Marc D’ Antonio(Chief Image Analyst) confirmed that the so called undisturbed terrain of sea of crises had been fondled by someone or something extra-terrestrial along with other vindications by geologists that the soil under question was once buried deep underground. We can’t exclude the fact that uniform depths of all lunar craters suggest a metal barrier or that our moon reverberated like a bell for nearly an hour when the Apollo 12 launch vehicle crashed on the surface. This unexpected impact made Von Braun to intentionally crash a heavier part of Apollo 13 rocket which made the moon ring like a gong for three hours. In the words of Al Worden, an Apollo astronaut-“We would not have been able to land on the moon but for the Germans”.

See the source image
Ancient Indian Astronaut carvings-Hoysaleswara Temple

Nazis were not the only ones to steal the show. The Hoysaleswara Temple in Karnataka containing the carvings of astronauts with their gears on or the rocket monolith named Vimana in Mahabalipuram are proofs of a much modern history. Hindu scriptures mention the former scene as astronauts flying to a different planet to seek help at the time of war. Not forgetting various other mentions of blue blooded people who flew to other planets during warlike conditions the existence of pushpak vimana( or if that’s too much for you), Bapuji Talpade’s Marutsakhā is enough to tell us about the complexity of Die Glocke a.k.a  the Nazi Bell. Our texts confirm that the Vimanas used liquid mercury as fuel which was in great demand for the Nazi Space Program particularly the red mercury used in Glocke.

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Die Glocke

These would definitely look like far fetched theories to those who have been manipulated to ask the same question from their childhood- ‘Where did we come from?’ whereas all the answers are here, hidden right before our eyes. We have been exposed to forbidden knowledge, we have been manipulated to ask the wrong questions, our minds were in a perpetual prison all those times when they gave us every correct information but just under the genre of conspiracy theory or mythology. It all changes when you accept who your ancestors were and that they had much more comprehension and cognition than we have now. Yet, if you dare believe that these are mere myths then one day thousand years from now even your existence will be questioned!

PS: Plethora of facts direct our awakening that a lot have been hidden from us. There are evidences that JFK had contact with the extra-terrestrials and the military is under strict instruction to not release such sensitive statistics, maybe for a good reason. Why else do you think our moon is named Luna, because its lunacy by design!!  😉


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  1. nazi germany was an era where germany was armed and had beautiful war machines but they lost humanity and they made the british weak , though well said and apt creation

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