Eating The Inedible

The milk tea boiled, diffusing its aroma in the evening air. A huge crowd awaited, encompassing the stall before being slowly unemployed with tea, cookies and cake (a deadly combination). She sat on the bench, waiting for her train, eyeing the crowd not without  jealousy, sorrow and abhorrence.

“You shouldn’t have been so adamant on tasting the wine, see what it did to your life”, chided her friend who had accompanied her to the station. She wandered if her boiling blood resembled the tea, she recalled how a mere desire to taste some wine got her suspended from the college for a year. Everyone had looked her with disgust, she was now a disgrace to the society. It was becoming hard to swallow her emotions knowing that the same college that considers liquor consumption a second class habit serves tea with every meal.

“People get addicted to it, drinking wine is synonymous to tantalizing death, I can’t believe you did this, that was one place I did not want you to go….”

“Amazing”, she yelled interrupting him midsentence and started to clap, “never saw a larger dimwit, owing to individuals like you I fear this country is gonna float down a drainpipe. I’m doing addiction? I’m inviting death?”, she pointed towards herself with a reddening face, “and what are these people doing, drinking somras? Why don’t you go and preach your mother whose ADDICTED to tea? You recognize what it does to your body-it causes cardiac inflammation, hyper acidity and breaks the DNA that reduces your age. Everyone here is an addict but whose the outcast one? Me. What do they serve us in college mess-cucumber raita, you know what it does? It creates anomalies, illness before finally disrupting your immune system. Only because it’s a slow poison doesn’t make them less of a murderer. Can you name the deadliest poison without an antidote? Drinking water after food but of course they will ne’er be shunned for attempting to commit suicide.”

Her eyes were brimming with tears, her train had arrived amidst their monologue, she did not want to part like this but before going inside she turned and said, “human body is designed to work for 350 years, the average age of our ancestors were 200 years but today we barely cross 70. A person who drinks milk tea, eats cucumber raita or drinks water after a meal is nothing but a self loathing beast and a person who only drinks instead is in a much healthier shape. Next time when you see someone drinking, before hurriedly judging him think what YOU eat!!”


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