Christ’s Pandemic

I have always felt drawn towards Egypt from my childhood, maybe I was amongst them in one of my previous births. Soft deserts, beautiful eye makeovers, scent of old pharaohs and wise crowds in long skirts perpetually thrilled me, for that is how I imagined the streets of market place in Egypt. The thought of visiting the land of mysteries had always captivated my mind. Alas! They proved to be mere fantasies because as I grew up I learned that the people and streets have long been robbed of their wisdom and savour. Neither the material world nor the spirit of Egypt has survived the barbarians. Like a stab on my heart, the truth dawned upon me that I will never be able to visit my fantasy land and as I grew of age I took upon myself to investigate the death of this great civilization, more than that I wanted to quench the burning question that if a foreigner can feel so connected why can’t the people living there do!

Even the best and the strongest person on earth has self-doubts which therefore allows him to weigh other options but once when you stop doubting something, you become stagnant which is the commencement of degradation. Once you stop being sceptic, you start having blind faith, reason, logic and proof cease to become your power and unfortunately reason is forbidden in any religion.

The first step was to personally know the people and their feelings. I have analysed the situation deeply and am still doing, I’m presenting my conversation with three of my African acquaintance word by word, representing them with their initials A, R and D.

In a hurry to clear my primary doubt I asked if R new about the culture before Christianity. R affirmed that they had their own tradition and gods.

“How do you feel about the fact that crusaders came and destroyed your temples and libraries?” (The loss of the library of Alexandria is depressing to me.)

R- “There were no temples here.”

“There is the famous Karnak temple”. Yet she denied the existence of any temples. I had said earlier that I was saddened that I wouldn’t see any original people left in the continent but A relieved me by saying a few traditionalists/unbelievers still exist.

A- “We preach to them, follow up on them. Their heart is very hard to listen. When they don’t listen we pray and keep fasts for them so that the spirit of God rest upon them.”

 “But when there was no Christianity in Africa, then the spirit didn’t rest?”

“That was the time everyone believe in tradition.”

“So why can’t people live like that now?”

“Because eyes are open now.”

“Okay, so earlier people were fools and someone comes from West to tell u what is right?”

“Not exactly”. (No further explanation provided.)

“How come a book containing words of God have contradictions.”

R- “Contradictions, there are no contradictions!”

“According to Galatian’s-Know that a person is not justified by the works of the law. But by faith in Jesus Christ. James say- by works a man is justified and not by faith only. Another contradiction is that one text says King David paid 50 shekels of silver for a property but another text says he paid 600 shackles of gold for the same property.”

I caught her on this yet I continued the discussion. She again denies the presence of such contradictions but why is it so important? ‘cause the contradictions make bible a work of man and not god.

“Are there any evidence of his existence?”

“He showed plenty of miracles. He came to Egypt too.”

It’s such a pathetic situation for jesus, he had to keep acting like a magician to prove to his people that he was a god. Whereas, we already knew about ram and Krishna when they came, they didn’t have to play some magic tricks or allow someone to kill them so that they may rise from dead in a desperate attempt to prove themselves.

“Don’t you feel angered by what he did with Egyptians? The mass murder, rape and nine plagues on end only because they didn’t believe in him, is it justified?” Hers and D’s reply aghast me!

R- “God killed Pharaohs because they were bad people.”

Have you ever seen any oriental folks hate their ancestors? The people because of whom she’s alive are not worthy of her worship? That’s how they manipulate Africans!!

D- “To answer your question, that specific verse says …..That you may tell your children and grandchildren how I dealt harshly with the Egyptians and how I performed my signs among them, and that you may know that I am the LORD……”       It’s talks about how God dealt Egyptians harshly, because of not they are Egyptians, but because they are Pharaohs who betrayed God, worship their human made idols and kill those who believe in God . It’s to show them that he is the only God because God doesn’t allow worshiping sprits and idols other than him. I mean in this specific there is no order to kill Egyptian first born, God himself deals with things. Of course, you may find a story of men killed or punished due to their bad deeds. But the live of Christian is described more in ‘New Testaments’ , in the age of Mercy after man got re-Birth , mercy and blessing due to the birth of Jesus Christ .”

“But don’t you think its cruelty towards Egyptians as jesus did not appear in Africa and denizens didn’t know about him.”

“It’s not about going to somewhere , it’s about appearing as human in this world(earth) to teach , bless and scarify himself to give mercy to all humans . Of course he went to Egypt during childhood, while in his mother shoulder.”

“Did Jesus come to India?”

“No, there is no any written about that.”

“But I’ve heard he did it’s not written anywhere but he came to visit Himalayas.”

“I have heard that too from somewhere non-Christian history, but not from bible.”

“Yeah it’s not mentioned in Bible but it’s said he came here to meditate and gained all that knowledge that he went back and taught”

“That is not christian teaching though. We believe all Knowledge is from his self and don’t acquire it anywhere else or from someone else.”

“But whatever good things he taught were already mentioned in our books before he took form on earth?”

“Of course most of them were thought before, but for example there is no any order to love your enemy before his teaching.”

“But we loved and respected our enemy.”

“May be …   because of your personality or acquired in any way. I’m saying there was no religious teaching like that before. Egyptians, I mean Pharaohs used to kill and cut in to parts for those who not believe in their gods.”

I can’t hear more of their tampered history about the only other country that I love besides mine, Egypt.

I asked R next “Jermiah says your skirts are lifted up and you are violated because you have forgotten me”, and many such verses that threatens to rape women and force them to eat the flesh of their sons and daughters. Isn’t jesus a rapist?

R- “You should read your bible before calling other gods ‘names’. He is preaching against indecent dressing, in a way that exposes your body”.

We have so many men accused of rape in every country. Is there any such punishment as ‘rape for a rape’? Of course not. It’s the most heinous crime that can never be justified, you don’t do it even to the criminal but here we see jesus raping women for showing their body or not believing in him, who is he a ‘’arki? Moreover, you can go and Google what the current Africans wear! When I voiced my thought that my clothes is none of anyone’ business she said she’s fine with that as she herself wears ‘questionable’ attires. I’m forced to conclude that they couldn’t answer a few of my queries and the rest they did were full of false details, I, knew about their ancestors more than them. None of them convinced me to believe in jesus which can only mean two things- either they don’t know what Christianity is or they don’t care if I go to hell on the judgement day. Christianity has spread like a pandemic in Africa, denizens have been deprived of their history and forced to swallow their (whites’) mendacious propaganda.  

We in India live because of and for our ancestors who are no less than Devatas to us, our identity, source and destination. A country never grows if we don’t look back to learn from our forefathers and here we have one of the most ungrateful people, hurling filth on those who created their civilization of science and morality.

PS: Major part of Jesus’ life is missing in the bible, this is because Apollonius was in India all that time learning spirituality. Jesus’ character was created from Apollonius and they couldn’t mention about India in their books for obvious reasons. Read full article here.


7 thoughts on “Christ’s Pandemic

    1. Someone just said its a rant against flaws in a particular religion. Please check the blue words (links) to see videos and understand the pain of people. very easy to say anything lying inside your blanket when people are tortured for keeping up to the tradition.

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      1. well….changing people’s beliefs are not easy……..but atleast people should read the whole thing before ranting about such articles….

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